To preserve and create an unspoiled and unique island experience by sustainably managing local resources and promoting its heritage through collaboration with local communities, promotion of its goods and craftmanship, and education, workshops, and conservation activities to the tourists and local islanders.


To be an ecofriendly and socially responsible destination together with self-reliant locals aimed towards simple and sustainable living.


Everything you need to know..


Linapacan offer a large variety of fun thrilled and authentic activities

While the picturesque palm-fringed beaches are plentiful, you should make sure to have enough days available to do some of the many other activities, go hiking, caving, explore old spanish ruins, do cliff jumping, take a kayak, grab a mask and snorkel or watch unique wildlife


Escape the stress and hassle of the modern world. We guarentee a horrific wifi signal and invite travelers of any age – seeking an authentic island experience.
Enjoy an unforgettable stay in one of our beach shelters. Constructed by locals using nothing but locally sourced natural building material.


Ridiculously overpriced products

Our product-line showcases distinctive techniques in craftsmanship and food is produced and sourced as part of our own circular-sustainable understanding.


Come visit our tranquil island paradise

At Patuyo Island we aim towards being 100% carbon neutral and always look towards the most sustainable solutions. We welcome all visitors who will find luxury in the simple things. Visitors who wish to immerse themselves in the raw beauty Patuyo Island.


More endemic wildlife than anywhere else..

Patuyo Island have nesting Hawkbill sea turtles. 5-6 feet long monitor lizards - A paradise for birders with the island home to numerous bird species found nowhere outside Philippines



The picturesque town of San Miguel is surrounded by Linapacan's famous Marine Sanctuary and only a "stonethrow" from our site in Patuyo Island


Allow us to assist you with your travel arrangements. We can be reached both by private arrangement and public boat.


Where the Garden is also our Supermarket

Seasonal fruits and vegetables sourced from the property and nearby communities.
We aim to be 100% self-sufficient when it comes to our food


Explore the island by foot. Gazing at overwhelmingly, breathtaking views. Go birdwatching. Experience the friendliness and hospitality of the local islanders firsthand. Snorkel and swim in crystal clear waters. Find your own heartbeat on the soft-sandy beach as the constant sound of the ocean will help you find your inner tranquility and be a constant reminder to your whereabouts.

In reality, no adjective is strong enough to describe the beauty and calmness of Linapacan. You have to experience it. Are you ready to go?




Are you a passionate influencer? A well wandered nature lover? On the lookoouts for voluntary work? Or do you want to meet with travellers seeking authentic and rural island experiences?  

Our hearts are always open for cooperation and passionate souls to join our team and share our mission to make an impact on a secluded, vulnerable island community and the environment’s fauna and flora.

Collaborations – influencers, partnerships and locals, we welcome people and companies with the right idea.
Internships – short and long term internships focusing on sustainable living and eco-tourism
Volunteering – making a difference for the local island life and the tourists visiting Linapacan

Keep an eye out for NEW job postings or simply reach out if you want to talk about your opportunities.


carpenter jobs palawan


Application deadline: Continuously

Job Site: Patuyo Island, Linapacan Palawan
In our mission to create and build our eco camp based on the beach at Patuyo Island, we are in need of an experienced carpenter, who knows the way around working with bamboo.

About the job
As our new Master Carpenter, you will make sure that we maintain and secure our storage and stocks of organic construction materials to be used on site.
Your primary working areas and responsibilities will alså include:
- participate in construction projects - predominantly natural building materials
- in between projects you will participate as handyman where help is needed

About you
First of all you have excellent working skills in handling bamboo - from understanding when to harvest, to storage to knowledge about the bamboo's strength/durability using it in construction and other handicrafts.
It is also of great importance, that you:
- have a good work ethic and can deliver on deadlines
- are proactive and can work under limited supervision
- have a background with carpentry including working experience
- have an eye for detail and reach for perfection in everything you create
- preferably are living in Patuyo Island or Linapacan and able to reside in Patuyo in our staff house from time to time.

Contract & Salary
Allowances are to be negotiated as well as simple lodging on site can be provided.
Salary range: 8000-12000 peso per month.

Apply below..

garden jobs palawan


Application deadline: June 30, 2022

Job Site: Patuyo Island, Linapacan Palawan.

At Patuyo Island we want to create a place like no other. To maintain and develop the landscape of our 20,000 sqm. secluded island and beach property, we are looking for an experienced nature lover, who has the drive and the vision to create a memorable nature experience for our visitors and the local community.

The landscaping of Patuyo Island Experience is made to protect and improve the habitat of wildlife, creating a unique beach property with tropical flowers and plants and self-sufficiency of producing future construction material (bamboo).
And we want to be 100% organic avoiding use of artificial chemicals.

About the job
As gardener / botanist your primary responsibilities are
- Developing a horticulture in order to make us 100% self-sufficient
- Continuous soil cultivation to improve quality and make it more fertile
- Tree trimmings around the beach and islands
- Grafting fruit trees

About you:
You have an eye for details as you carry out your duties in an efficient, professional and enthusiastic manner and a high standard.
You are already an expert with an unstoppable interest in wildlife and understanding of the importance of improving their habitat.

It is also of great importance, that you:
- are able to set up a nursery for seedlings of various growth (food, flowers and design)- Knowledge on composting and vermicast
- have extended knowledge on local fauna and flora and what commonly grows in the area
- have extended knowhow on Bamboo cultivation, harvest, treatment, storage and usage.

Contract and Salary
We are offering you simple lodging on site and food allowance to be negotiated.
Salary Range: 9,000 - 10,000 peso per Month
Contract length: 6 months with the opportunity for extension.

island communities philippines

Community Organizer

Application deadline: July 31, 2022

Job Site: Patuyo Island and San Miguel, Linapacan Palawan

Are you great with people and at making long lasting relations? In our mission to create a unique, self-sufficient beach resort in Patuyo Island, we are looking for a dedicated team member, who's finest job is to build relations with the local community.

About the job
In the role as Community Organizer you will have the opportunity to shine within your natural interest in local community work as well as your passion for protecting the local nature and wildlife.
The primary working areas and responsibilities will be:
- coordinate between Patuyo Island Experience and the community
- taking part and leading local events
- assist our project where needed
- are able to travel to other parts of Palawan on short notice

About you
In order to succeed in the role as Community Organizer, you must have a broad knowledge about Linapacan and local activities. In other words, you are a proud linapaceno and passionate about promoting Linapacan to improve the livelihoods of other fellow islanders.

It is also of great importance, that you:
- have empathy and good social skills
- speak the local dialect in Linapacan
- master both written and verbal english
- have good work ethic and can deliver on deadlines
- preferably are living in Patuyo Island or Linapacan and are able to reside in Patuyo in our staff house from time to time

Contract & Salary
You will be offered possible simple lodging on site as well as food allowance is to be negotiated.
The initial employment is part time, but will eventually grow into a full time position.

Salary range: 6000-10000 Peso per month

Forester jobs palawan

Licensed Forester

Application deadline: August 1, 2022

Job site: Patuyo Island and Calamianes Group of Islands

Mandatory requirement for applicants:
You have a burning passion for nature, and you have the mental strength to work on secluded areas off the grid, for longer periods at a time – alone and as part of a small team.

About You:
You thrive alone and as part of a small team. You are patient and know that it takes time to build a sustainable project through and through.

You feel comfortable taking the lead and have experience with project management.
You are computer literate, fluent in both verbal and written English. You are flexible and can adapt to your surroundings.

- You can accept being in the field for up to 2-3 months at a time.

About the job:
As our lead forester you will be a leading force in assuring, we reach our goal of becoming a new permaculture project.

- Identify and secure seedlings of native and endemic trees.
- Keep a tree and plant inventory as well as put in system the harvest procedures and product management.
- Organize tree planting events.
- Systemize our edible garden (Job to be carried out in collaboration with our project architect.)
- Help with mapping and locating and identifying species of plants and trees.
- We want to be self-sufficient on everything from food to building materials, you will lead the way.
- And more…

Contract & Salary:
We are offering you simple lodging on site and food allowance to be negotiated.
Salary range: 18000-22000 Peso per month.
Contract length: 6 months with the expectation that we are extending the collaboration.